Hard Drive Option

A great way to receive larger collections
with value added features

Plug and play as soon as you receive your order on a hard drive. Save hours of shuffling CDs or installing from CDs onto your hard drive.

Master navigation with data already organised to quickly navigate and access all products on the drive.

Master category indexes included for high speed searching of entire categories in a single search. Imagine the convenience of being able to search say all (installed) police gazettes — or directories, or general books — in a single search within a minute or two! This offers enormous advantages for societies, libraries, professional researchers — or anyone having a significant collection of Archive CD Books Australia products.

Save hours setting up on your own computer— use direct from hard disk or copy easily to your local hard drive.

(following are examples as a guide and may change with new hard drive products)

  • Orders for 100 or more products on a FREE 250GB USB hard – with master category indexes
  • Orders for lesser quantities can be supplied on hard drive – with a surcharge for partial payment of hard drive
    • 75 products – add $50 for hard drive – with master category indexes
    • 50 products – add $100 for hard drive – with master category indexes

The hard drive option, with master navigation and master category searching are all very new.
Changes and improvements may occur with experience and customer feedback.